ProHoof Farrier Service


Providing solutions for soundness since 1994. 

I provide Farrier Services to clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.


My name is Jamie Smith

I am an A.F.A. Certified Farrier,
with over 23 years of experience.

I specialize in Performance, Corrective, and Therapeutic hoofcare.




I offer the full spectrum of farrier services :


  • Hot or Cold Shoeing 
  • Barefoot Trimming (including transitioning shod horses to barefoot)
  • Corrective Trimming  
  • Therapeutic Shoeing /Trimming to restore soundness
  • Laminitis management (both acute and ongoing chronic founder cases)
  • Handmade, Specialty, and Custom fabrication shoes  
  • Hoof wall reconstruction ( Equilox, Vettec, and Kwik Poly)







For prompt, reliable service,
Text:   603-505-5201  or


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